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Happy Packages

A package exchange community

I dork for you! Now with cute packages!
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This is a community where people all over the world can indulge in the joy of sending and receiving cute packages through the trusty old postal system. We will have a package exchange based on a pre-chosen theme, such as winter, stationary, etc. Members will be given the opportunity of opting into the exchange and names will be handed out at random.

Please read all of the rules before joining! Then follow these simple steps:

1. Request to join the community - just click the "Join" button at the top right of this page.
2. Send your full name, mailing address (as it would be written for mail) and your lj user name to: dorks4you [at] gmail [dot] com
3. Have an active livejournal. (having more than 50 entries, in which the last one dates, at least, one month ago).

After you follow these first 3 steps, we will add you to the community.
4. Once you've been added, please make an introductory post. You should talk about your likes (things you really like, be general or specific) and your dislikes (things your allergic to, colours you hate...), although, talking a little about your self and your personality is encouraged. That information will be put into the communities memories, so when someone pulls your name, they have a good idea of what they can send you.

Got a question about the community? Check out our F.A.Q.

* This is an international community. It costs money to ship packages around the world. If you're not willing to spend a little money, you may want to look into a local package swapping community.
* Mailing addresses are kept safe & confidential!*
* Any concerns please e-mail us at dorks4you [at] gmail [dot] com